My little dog. A heartbeat at my feet. ~Edith Wharton

We have Traditionals, Chocolates, Sables, Blondes and Partis, though our favorite is the dark parti.  We’ve selected what we consider the best, and aim to produce baby doll, teddy bear faced Yorkshire Terrier Puppies with beautiful, silky coats, small ears and cobby bodies.  We’ve chosen our babies from a select few breeders, hoping to continue their excellent lines.

And just to be clear…our Yorkies are also our pets and a member of our family.  All of my dogs are raised inside, and while there are occasions that they are put in Iris pens…this is never for extended periods and for their own safety, as little ones tend to get into places you wouldn’t imagine them getting into!  All of my Yorkies are given attention, and never kept in kennels.  They are given proper medical care, and are raised in my home, as well as socialized with adults, other dogs, and children.

My dogs are AKC registered, though there are times I won’t register a litter and offer them as pets only. The pups I do offer to breeders are those that do not keep their babies in kennels, as Yorkies are very social dogs, and out of all the known breeds, are among the neediest.  I want all the babies I raise to be well-loved in good homes.

While I strive to offer the best Yorkshire Terrier Puppies in Oklahoma, we do offer a delivery in some cases.  Just ask and we can give you a price to bring your baby to you

I have references from Semper Fi puppy parents, other breeders, and of course, my Vet, who I’ve joked and said they should just make me my own room!