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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies!

All Puppy Prices are Pet only. Limited Registration is offered if requested in writing and after proof that the puppy has been spayed/neutered for an additional fee on some litters. Full AKC is available for an additional fee to approved breeders only. This includes those that say that they just want one or two litters. PLEASE ask! It’s not automatically (and rarely) given. All puppies are well socialized, have 2 sets of shots, wormed with a negative fecal, are vet checked, and go home with a go-bag and a lifetime of breeder support.


Please keep in mind our pricing STARTS as follows:

Traditonal: M: $2500 F: $3000
Traditional Parti: M: $3000 F: $3500
Chocolate: M: $3000 F: $3500
Dark Chocolate: M: $4000 F: $4500
Black: M: $4500 F: $5000
Korean Lines: M: $5000 F: $5500

Any of the above in regular and exotic colors As well as Korean lines will go up due to small size, extreme babydoll features, or being parti-color. PLEASE keep this in mind before sending an application. And while I do try to work with people as far as their budget, My prices are not negotiable.

For breeding prices I will have to approve you as a breeder before we discuss price, However, my breeding prices start at $4000. Breeding rights are NEVER given on my Korean lines.


After trial and error with foods, ALL my dogs are currently on Health Extension. It’s for ALL life stages and comes in tiny bites. They also have toys, shampoos, treats and canned food as well. To order click the link below!

Health Extension



Smoky blessed us with 2 chocolate boys, 1 traditional boy that carries chocolate and 1 chocolate girl on 07.17.2023. All carry 1, possibly 2 copies of recessive black and possibly 1 copy of blonde and EM. I’ll post pictures when they are about 3 weeks old.


Viggo is a bigger boy that is available to a pet home only. His current weight is 2 lb 3oz, so his projected adult weight is about 7 lbs. His price will reflect his size (but not his amazing personality) and he is looking for a lap to occupy. He has been reduced for faster placement.




Angel and Jessup had 2 dark chocolate boys and 1 dark chocolate girl born on 08.12.2023.

Watson is a black chocolate boy with a beautiful face and a rich dark coat. He is the darkest puppy I’ve had thus far. He has been reduced for faster placement to a pet home only.


Walker is a dark chocolate boy with very faint tan on his legs. He has a beautiful face and will make anyone the perfect baby. He has been reduced for faster placement to a pet home only.


Annie and Sniper welcomed 1 KB parti girl, 1 chocolate parti girl and 1 parti girl with minimal white on 08.17.2023.

Xenia is a KB parti girl that could carry chocolate and 1 copy of recessive black. She’s got a beautiful muzzle, big eyes and small ears. Her currently weight at 4 weeks is 1 lb 3 oz which charts her to mature at 5 lbs 7 oz. She is on hold while I evaluate her for our breeding program. She has a pretty face with big eyes, and she also has a full, natural tail!


Xavian is a chocolate parti girl that is just perfect! Her current weight at 4 weeks is 1 lb 1 oz, which charts her to mature at 4 lbs 13 oz, but I’m hoping she makes a good breeding size as she is honestly my pick of the litter. Currently she is on hold. As with her sister she has large eyes, a tiny muzzle and a full, natural tail.


Xion is a TINY parti girl that weighs 9.15 oz at 4 weeks, which charts her to mature at 2 lbs 9 oz fully grown. She is available to a pet home only. She has a short, extreme babydoll muzzle, large, wide-set eyes and a full, natural tail that has white on the tip to match the white boots on her feet. She is NOT cheap. If you are interested in Xion, please fill out our application.



Juliet was bred to Kylo and are expecting 09.27.2023. And guess what? They’ll be ready at Christmas! Puppies will be dark chocolate, black chocolate, black or dark traditional, all will carry chocolate, parti and 1 copy of recessive black.


Charlie was bred to Sniper and are expecting puppies on October 10, 2023. All puppies will be chocolate that carry parti, or traditional that carry chocolate and parti.



Liberty was bred to Kylo and are expecting 10.18.2023. All puppies will be dark traditional that carry chocolate, 1 copy of recessive black and possibly parti.


Ginger is retiring from our breeding program and will be available as a pet. She’ll be spayed, have a dental and be UTD on shots before leaving. DOB 07.26.2020.


We now offer financing through CamList

Keep in mind that many of our puppies are reserved through out wait list.

Because we sell many of our babies through our wait list, We can’t guarantee which litter you will get a puppy from. Some people wait months and sometimes up to a year (or more) for one of our precious babies. We can’t control litter size or sex of any litter, or the projected adult size. And while I do try and keep in mind what others want as far as color, I breed for my program as a whole. If you would like to be considered for one of our precious babies, Please fill out the application. I will not add you to a waiting list without an approved application and deposit.

If you have any questions about our current or upcoming litters, please give us a call!
(580) 647-0755

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