The home of Quality AKC Yorkshire Terriers in Oklahoma.  As the wife of a Veteran Marine, our name was chosen carefully, and with pride!  So to all you current and former Marines…Ooooh-Rah!  And to other service men and women…thank you for your sacrifices!

We are a small, hobby breeder that fell in love with the Yorkshire Terrier many years ago, and after doing research and talking with many reputable breeders, we hand selected puppies for our own breeding program.  We strive for our little Marines to have short, cobby bodies, small, pert ears, silky coats as well as teddy bear and baby doll faces.  And while we breed all colors, our favorite by far is the dark parti.  With their tri-colored coats, and tiny, baby doll faces, we aim to produce the best in Oklahoma.   But don’t worry, we can always meet within a reasonable distance.

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