Yorkie Puppies for Sale in Oklahoma

Ranging up to 7 lbs, The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest dogs.

There is no such thing as a ‘teacup’ yorkie, but anything less than 4 pounds is considered a teacup size.

While they are a toy breed, they are also a terrier, and many still have that terrier attitude (which I adore!).  They are definitely a big dog in a little package, but as such, it is important to watch your little one, as they tend to try and make friends with dogs much larger than they are.  I’ve heard so many horror stories of a bigger dog getting someone’s yorkie all because the owner wasn’t paying attention…this ending in either a trip to the emergency vet, or death of their beloved furbaby.

Yorkies, while only being 4-7 pounds, are fearless.  When holding them, even as puppies, it is very important to hold them with both hands…they tend to leap and jump, and out of anyone’s arms can result in serious injury or death.

As a side note:  Anyone living in a rural area where there are birds of prey, never leave your baby in a yard unattended.  An owl or a hawk can snatch your baby up just as easily as a rabbit.  And for everyone else, the newest craze on Craigslist is to steal high priced dogs and sell them…so never leave your babies in your yard unattended period.

Yorkies are very intelligent, and generally aim to please.  And while many recommend the crating method with no food or water, since a yorkie puppy needs to eat at least every four hours (smaller ones need food more often) I suggest an Iris pen.  It is larger where you can put a bed, toys, food and water, and a pee pad on the other side.  All dogs generally will not potty where they sleep, so they tend to move toward the peepad when they have to go.

Consistency is also the key.  Take your puppy out (or to their peepad) upon waking, within 20 minutes of eat and playing, and every two hours unless they are sleeping.

Praise goes a lot further than reprimanding!