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The home of Quality AKC Yorkshire Terriers in Oklahoma.  As the wife of a Veteran Marine, our name was chosen carefully, and with pride!  So to all you current and former Marines…Ooooh-Rah!  And to other service men and women…thank you for your sacrifices!

We are a small, hobby breeder that fell in love with the Yorkshire Terrier many years ago, and after doing research and talking with many reputable breeders, we hand selected puppies for our own breeding program.  We strive for our little Marines to have short, cobby bodies, small, pert ears, silky coats as well as teddy bear and baby doll faces.  And while we breed all colors, our favorite by far is the dark parti.  With their tri-colored coats, and tiny, baby doll faces, we aim to produce the best in Oklahoma.   But don’t worry, we can always meet within a reasonable distance.

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The Yorkshire Terrier

There are many little terrier dogs of every size and hue,
But the one I’d like to mention here is shaded tan and blue.

He’s a cocky little devil, and he isn’t any saint,
But a sappy little lap-dog, is the very thing he aint!
He struts along the garden path, his eyes boot-button bright,
And God help any stray cat that comes into his sight.

His owners fear no burglars, for every sound he hears,
The softest, quietest footsteps will not pass his pricked ears.
And if he is disturbed at night, or danger is at hand,
He makes more of a racket, than a fifty-piece Brass Band!

~Author Unknown

What Our Customers are Saying!

Are you looking for a healthy, cute, sweet natured Yorkie? I’ve done the research for you! I spent a hours looking for the right breeder who has the cutest Yorkies and found Tammi at Semper Fi Yorkies. Wonderful, caring breeder who has the cutest pups and also Parti Yorkies available! Extremely satisfied with my decision to go with Semper Fi Yorkies!


Semper Fi Yorkies in Oklahoma is the best experience I have had in getting my newest fur baby MALEY. If I could give her a 10 star rating, I would do this. I lost my Yorkie of 10 years last December. I knew in time I would get another one. It was very scary in the beginning starting my search for the best. I found Semper Fi & knew I did not have to look any further. Tammi, the owner is so phenomenal. Anytime you speak with her you can definitely tell the love, care & compassion she has for her Yorkies. I love how she sent pics, text messages & did FaceTime with me. She is such a awesome lady!! I will never have to look further in adding any new additions to my family down the road.


I would give Semper Fi Yorkies 10 stars if I could! I am a long-time yorkie mom and lover of the breed, so when I was recently looking for my newest baby boy, it was important to me to find a responsible, knowledgeable, honest, and ethical breeder who produces beautiful and healthy puppies. I found Tammi at Semper Fi Yorkies to be all of these things, and super supportive throughout the process. She goes above and beyond to make sure her babies are healthy, top-quality pups, and that that are going to responsible owners. Her babies are great examples of quality, breed-standard pups, and I am happy to have received my newest addition from her. He's just perfect. I highly recommend Tammi at Semper Fi Yorkies.


Recently interested in adopting another yorkie puppy and came in contact with Semper Fi Yorkies. Very knowledgeable and helpful all throughout the process. I now have a very healthy, sweet, and adorable Yorkie puppy that is blending in seamlessly with myself and my other Yorkie. Tammi sent me updates and pictures along the way so I could enjoy the beginning stages and continue getting excited while waiting to be able to fully adopt him and take him home. I was very pleased with the whole process. I would definitely recommend Semper Fi Yorkies!



Ranging up to 7 lbs, The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest dogs. There is no such thing as a ‘teacup’ yorkie, but anything less than 4 pounds is considered a teacup size. While they are a toy breed,



Yorkie babies need to eat often. More often than most puppies.  I feed young puppies every 2-3 hours to help avoid Hypoglycemia.  It is also important to feed a high quality food that is not too high in protein (though



The Yorkshire Terrier is a high maintenance dog. Both in grooming due to their long, silky coats, and in attention.  And while some (especially females) tend to seem independent, it has been noted that the yorkie needs and thrives on

Once you’ve had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.